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All-One Blue Eucalyptus & Mint Soap

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Ideal for oily skins and Acne prone skins.


HELPS THE SKIN RETAIN MOISTURE – Our soap releases handfuls of soft white bubbles which help the skin to retain moisture and treat delicate facial areas particularly well. Perfect for those with sensitive skin that may be irritated by generic soaps and shower gels.
NATURALLY SOFTENING AND MOISTURISING – Reducing the requirement for additional moisturisers.
HANDMADE – Using the traditional cold process method allowing the soap to better retain the benefits of our raw natural ingredients.
BIODEGRADABLE INGREDIENTS – We use no harmful pollutants, making our soap perfectly friendly for your local environment. Completely free from artificial ingredients.
VEGAN – No animal ingredients or testing.

6 reviews for All-One Blue Eucalyptus & Mint Soap

  1. Diego Da Silva

    Incredible product for WHEN YOU PLAY GAME. Bsrush cosmetics’ owners are devoted to their company and create quality products.

  2. Josue Djondo

    This product is fantastic!

  3. Habeeb Giwa

    You have an amazing product! But please create more products for men!

  4. antonio delgado

    This product has been an absolute life saver. This product is made out of 100% natural materials and it keeps up to its promise as my skin is often ruined by products which are made through chemicals and any other unnatural means.any who this product is outstanding I recommend this product to any one especial who has delict or reactive skin.

  5. tarrick bartley

    100% perfect and really reliable

  6. Moin Iqbal

    This natural soap is really amazing because it doesnt irritate my skin and smells good!
    10/10 👏👏 Would buy again.

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