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Grapefruit & Honey Shampoo Bar


  • HELPS CONDITION AND STRENGTHEN HAIR – Our soap releases handfuls of soft white bubbles to leave your hair clean, shiny and strong. Helps to prevent dry scalp and is perfect for those with sensitive skin and hair types that may be damaged by generic soaps and shampoos.Grapefruit & Honey Shampoo BarGrapefruit and Honey Shampoo Bar
  • NO NASTIES: Plastic-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, 0% Soap, 0% Colouring, 0% Parabens, 0% Silicones, 0% Microplastics
  • PH-BALANCED TO YOUR HAIR AND SCALP: Specially formulated 5.5 pH Value, ensuring optimal cleansing without damaging your hair and suitable for everyday use with all hair types.
  • NOURISHING FOR DRY HAIR: Carefully formulated to nourish dry hair.
  • PACKS A PUNCH: With Grapefruit essential oil, honey and Shea Butter for deep hydration and a healthy scalp. Cold-processed ensuring none of our high-quality ingredients are damaged


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